Our Company

R.L. Wright & Associates, LLC  is a Registered Investment Advisory firm  based in Savannah, Georgia that works with business owners, retirees, as well as  those just beginning to plan retirement. We help each of each client work toward their vision of  financial independence. For some, financial independence may be “not having” to work, while for others it may be having a retirement paycheck they can count on. For most people, financial independence means an increased level of confidence.  That’s our goal. We seek to bring a higher level of confidence to your financial life by concentrating on providing greater simplicity, focus and balance.

Rick Wright

I remember being introduced to my first 401K at American Standard then hearing the financial mantra of the time: Put $2000 away tax-deferred every year for 30 years, earn 15% and you will have a $1 million! What they didn’t account for was that 15% CD rates would go away soon after 1982, and that inflation would make the $1 million worth approximately only $410,000 (between 1982-2012). And that was my first job right out of college.

I grew up in Catonsville, MD loving the outdoors and playing sports. After graduating from high school, I went to Western MD College, played lacrosse and soccer, enjoyed fraternity life and majored in Political Science.

After spending some time on Capital Hill in the Office of Senator John Glenn Jr., I went to work in the Strategic Planning Unit of American Standard.  While at American Standard, I earned a Masters Degree from Johns Hopkins.

I’ve been in the Financial Services field for over 28 years and for the last 20 years, I have been working with clients to build sustainable retirement plans, based on sound strategic planning and flexibility to promote successful outcomes. These successful plans have been built while avoiding the constant stream of advertising, news accounts of the day and media advice that dominates our culture.

Outside of work, I enjoy golf, fishing, and giving time to further the mission of my Church.